Week 39 — Urban

Here s a shot I took looking out from the hotelroom window while we were in San Francisco.  It is of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island but in the background you can see the Oakland skyline.  This is the reverse view — you ordinarily see shots from the water looking at SF.  I find this more to my liking.

Week 38 — Utilities (transportation)

Here is a shot of the Oakland/Alameda Ferry docking at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  It is a major commute route taking workers from oneside of th Bay to the other.  I was thinking that this woul be a different type of commute rather than the train or car or bus to get to work in the morning.  However, I’m not sure how pleasant it would be on foggy and damp days.   

Week 37 — Quality

What would a trip to San Francisco be without stopping to look at the Cable Cars.  Yep working transportation built early last century and still after all these years, shuttling the publie from one end of San Francisco, up over the hills, to the other side. 

Week 35 — Activities

I had to go to San Francisco for a meeting last week.  We went in a day early to “get away”.  I found a little boutique hotel just off the Embarcadero (waterfront).  Looking out the window I saw the America’s Cup Yachts returning to dock.  I was able to grab the iPhone and take a quick shot.  Here is one just getting ready to pass under the Bay Bridge.

Week 34 – Fun

I saw ths tree root with its great textures and something told me to take the picture.  It has obviously been abused by mowers but the patterns and textures were hypnotic; as is the contrast between the texture and colors of the grasses growing around it.  In thinking about it it became obvious that this was something you would only see in an urban environment – where the tree root could be shaped by repeated mower “attacks”.  But the fun part is that it almost looks like a rabbit — hint: it’s looking to the right and the leaf is its ear.

Week 33 – Excitement

I looked out our back window last Sunday morning and did a double take.  There walking across our patio was a bobcat.  We’d had bobcat sightings throughout this year and in years past but they had been gone for for 4 or 5 years.  This was the first time they had come onto our patio — at least that we are aware of.  As it strolled across the patio it stopped to look through the window and then went out to our deck.  Then I saw the other two.  Sitting looking out over the canyon behind our house.  Mom and two cubs.  I was able to capture this picture of one of the cubs.